A brief Update:

  1. The Regular full-time program bounced back to life when Christ Holy Church International enrolled 23 students (4 female and 19 male). They are all from Nigeria. It is a great joy seeing students walking from the residential halls to classrooms, to the library, playing soccer, worshipping vibrantly twice daily and praying half-night weekly.
    One student from the Republic of Benin has enrolled in the Weekend part-time program. He is a Fulbe (Fulani), one of the most hated ethnic group in West Africa. He is in residence with his wife and two young children aged about 3 and 5. Indeed God is a prayer-answering God.
  1.  Number of students – Bachelor of Theology (24), Diploma (23), Certificate (65).
  2. Graduation was held on 11 May and 19 October. Twenty-eight (28) students were graduated.
  3. Staff Development program, Rev. Simon Bludo is studying at Luther Seminary for a Master of Theology degree in Pastoral Theology and Ministry. Telvis Kankam completed a two-year online MA in Systematic Theology at Luther Seminary. Jennifer Opoku graduated with a first degree (Distance Education) in Human Resource Management from the Valley View University. Rev. Rachel Pauline Aikins and Ms. Irene Amon are furthering their education at Akrofi-Christaller Institute of Theology, Mission and Culture, in Akropong, Akwapim, Ghana and at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California, USA, respectively. Rachel is studying for a Ph.D. in Theology whilst Irene is studying for a Ph.D. in Missiology.
  4. Extra-curricular & Ecumenical relations. The seminary has been holding leadership seminars for Lower Manya Krobo Council of Churches at Odumase Krobo. Thirty (30) students usually attend the seminars. African Independent Churches in Ghana invite Faculty members to speak at their seminars and workshops. Besides that, some Faculty and staff worship with some churches. Such interactions with leaders and members of churches are platforms that create awareness of the theological programs and other activities of the seminary.
  5. Roofing of two rooms: Two (2) rooms at the Weavers Hall intended to be used as offices have been roofed, though not completed.
  6. Accreditation: the National Accreditation Board of the Ministry of Education, Ghana, renewed the accreditation of the seminary.
  7. On Campus activities. The campus of the seminary was a hub of activities for many churches and ecumenical groups. Facilities of the seminary – classrooms, guest rooms, guest houses, playground and residential halls were rented to churches, non-governmental organizations, individual Christian leaders and scholars. The facilities were used for camp meetings, Bible studies, retreats, funerals, Youth/women/children conventions, meetings, prayers, marking of examination, solitude fasting, Vacation schools, soccer matches, and other games. Renting of the seminary’s facilities fetches money to run the seminary. Neighbors buy water from the borehole on campus at low prices.
  8. Scholarships. Sam. V. Jones and Overseas Council International offered scholarships respectively to ten students.
  9. The Website is near-resuscitation. It would be relaunched on 1st Jan. 2020. The site’s name is
  10. Library. 940 books were added to the collections at the Library.



  1. Enrollment of students is ongoing. There is a need to enroll more female students.
  2. Raising enough funds to pay salaries of Faculty and staff is a challenge.
  3. We need more and committed local sponsors of the seminary.
  4. A need for a either a long-term or a short-term volunteer Librarian and a Registrar.
  5. Funds to complete a four-bedroom uncompleted staff housing.
  6. Funds to construct a worship center and a Library.
  7. The President uses the only automobile of the seminary – a 20-year old Toyota Hilux Pick-Up. He needs a an automobile.
  8. The seminary lost the following personnel: Emmanuel Nsiah, former Secretary of the Board; Joseph Tetteh Cofie who was a member of the Governing Council, and Mary Yeboah, a fourth-year student. Please pray for a consolation of their families.


We thank you for your prayers, advice, directives, promotion of the ministries of the seminary and above all, donations. We are grateful.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Prosperous 2020.