About Us

Who We Are

Good News Theological Seminary is an interdenominational institution of higher learning founded in 1971. It provides biblical, theological and pastoral education primarily to leaders of African Instituted Churches (AICs). These are churches established, funded, spread, led, and administered by Africans. Other Christians who are not from AICs also benefit from the educational programs of the seminary.


The vision of the seminary is described by its core values – Wisdom, Spirituality and Diligence.

  • Students are trained to take on the spirit of wisdom in their daily ministries, thereby expanding and enriching their spirituality;to work hard, whether under pleasant or unpleasant circumstances;
  • to study and interpret the Word of God in its totality;
  • to evangelize in a multi-cultural and global oriented world;
  • to acknowledge the Lordship and vicarious death of Jesus Christ as fundamental to finding answers to the multi-faceted challenges of the world;
  • to understand that being filled with the Holy Spirit is essential for effective, relevant and practical ministry.

The Mission statement

to provide sound Christ-centred education to the Church and Society, fully equipping both men and women with character, knowledge and skills for servant leadership in the African context.