Academic Philosophy

  • To teach a curriculum that is Biblically-centered, authentically Christian and genuinely African.
  • To offer Biblical, pastoral and theological education that facilitates mutual inter-church discussions and study.
  • To document Christian experience that is peculiar to Africa.
  • To make quality theological, pastoral and biblical education available and affordable to leaders and members of African Independent Churches (AICs) and other Christian communions.
  • To offer unique opportunities to church workers and leaders of different denominational backgrounds to learn to know one another on a personal basis and to discover the common ground of faith and trust in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior among different denominations and church groups.
  • To reveal God’s plan of redemption in the Holy Bible, teaching both the Old and New Testaments and applying them to daily lifestyles. Quoting John 13:17 “Now that you know these, blessed are you if you do them” at the bottom of our letterhead reinforces our belief in knowledge and practice.
  • To help learners improve their understanding and knowledge of the Word of God, deepen their commitment as disciples of Jesus Christ, consider themselves as servants in a Christ-like manner, and raise the level of their effectiveness in ministry.