Diploma in Pastoral Ministries


The aim of the entire curriculum centres on Biblical Studies and Contextual Theology, which provide the basis for a ministry that conforms to the Word of God and is relevant to the people. The objective of the programme is to meet the theological and ministerial needs of a wide range of Christian churches.

Educational Requirements:

  1. All applicants for the Diploma in Pastoral Ministry must be in possession of a WASSS/SSS Certificate of Education with passes in English and Mathematics, or 5 GCE ‘O’ Level passes including Mathematics and English or meet the criteria for Mature Entry.
  2.  To be eligible for Mature Entry, the applicant must have attained a minimum of 25 years, worked for a minimum of three years in church/religious organization, obtained a pass of 45 % or more in the Entrance Exam in Bible Knowledge administered by GNTS, completed one of the following: Post-Secondary Teacher Training Certificate, GNTS Certificate of Ministry or comparable certificate from a NAB accredited institution and, if he/she does not possess them, he/she must obtain passes in WAEC Mathematics and English.
  3. All those admitted into the first year must obtain a CGPA of 2.50 in the first year to progress to the second year.
  4. Mature Students
    • Applicants, who have attained a minimum age of 25 years and do not satisfy the approved educational requirements for admission but have at least 3 years’ experience in full-time pastoral work and show aptitude for academic study, will be allowed to apply for Mature Student entry.
    • Such applicants will be required to show passes in WASSCE/ SSSCE English Language and Mathematics or GCE ‘O’ Level English and Mathematics and will be required to write the Mature Students’ Entrance Examination in Bible Knowledge.
    • Applicants who score an overall grade of ‘C’ in the Entrance Examination will be invited for interview and admitted if deemed suitable.
    • Such applicants must obtain a CGPA of 2.50 in the first year and must demonstrate potential for improvement