Graduation Held for 62 Pastors

Sixty-two pastors and elders of the Peaceful Healing Church were graduated in December 2016 after undergoing a year’s Certificate program in 2016. The ceremony was held at Teikrom in the Volta Region of Ghana. Fifteen of those who graduated were women. The age group of the graduating class are between 45 and 70. The Graduation was part of the annual Convention event of the Church. Rev. Ezekiel Nartey, the Vice President of the seminary, commissioned the graduands. He was assisted by Rev. Simon Bludo, a lecturer and Dr. Edward Agozie, the Acting Academic Dean.

The program was held on the third Saturday of every month for ten months in 2016 at Agate, the headquarters of the church, also situated in the Volta Region. The program is part of the seminary’s policy of taking theological and pastoral studies to the doorsteps of African Independent Churches. The students studied Discipleship, Preaching, Witnessing, Biblical Leadership, Introduction to Christian Beliefs and Introduction to the Bible.

Peaceful Healing Church is an African Independent Church that was founded in 1950 by Prophet Timothy Borkuma, who was expelled from the Evangelical Presbyterian Church, a Western Mission-founded Church, for emphasizing intense prayer and divine healing. The church, which has sixty congregations in Ghana and the Republic of Togo, did not have any programmed theological/pastoral education until 2004 when the present leader was enrolled in a diploma program of the seminary. Four other pastors have been trained at the seminary in the Certificate, Diploma and Bachelor of Theology programs of the seminary. The Seminary granted educational scholarships to all the five people. The Peaceful Healing Church, like many African Independent Churches, has about 85% of her congregations in the countryside. Thus, most of the members are very poor.