How To Help

You can help the seminary in the following ways:

  1. Prayer
  2. Visit for a short term. Here are some links from people who have ministered in this way:
  3. In the USA, financial contributions for operation and development of GNTS are accepted by Global Horizons Inc. You can contribute by clicking here: financial contributions. On the Global Horizon’s site, choose “Give Now” and scroll down to GNTS.

You may also want to donate regarding:

  1. textbooks for students – Bible Dictionary, Bible Commentary, Concordances, Study Bibles, Bible Atlases, any book on ministry,
  2. Scholarship per student (citizen of Ghana) per semester – $300.00 for Certificate in Pastoral Ministry, $350.00 for Diploma in Pastoral Ministry, $420.00 for Bachelor of Theology. For students from other countries see this fee schedule: Fees. In the USA, you can also send scholarships to East/West InterKnit. Tell them the scholarship is for GNTS.
  3. Donate for the students’ welfare. The fund caters for students with special health problems or impromptu health needs.
  4. Donate for staff development. The fund is used to provide scholarship for non-faculty staff who continue their studies in Ghana.
  5. Donate for research.
  6. Donate for the purchase of a bookshelf at the library.
  7. Donate for the purchase of computers –
    New Desktop computer – $850.00
    Fairly used Desktop computer – $380.00-480,00
    New Laptops – $1,200.00 upwards
    Fairly used Laptops – $400.00 -$600.00
  8. Send undesignated money – to be used where the need is most.
  9. Donate theological books. In the USA, send them to East/West InterKnit. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Tell them the books are for GNTS.
  10. Short-term and long-term volunteers are always needed. Scholars may spend their Sabbatical leave on campus.