Ministries of the Seminary

There are more ministries occurring through the staff and faculty of Good News Theological Seminary in addition to full-time residential education. Below is a comprehensive list of all the ministries.

Full-Time Education

  • Certificate in Pastoral Ministries
  • Diploma in Pastoral Ministries
  • Bachelor of Theology

Extension Programs

  • Theological Education by Extension (TEE)
  •  Evening/Week-end Part-time

Leadership Seminars

  • On specific topics requested by AIC leadership
  • On specific topics proposed by the Faculty
  •  For auxiliary groups – E.g. Men/Women Fellowships, Youth, Deacons, Worship Choir, Drama, etc.
  • Presentation at Pastors’ Conference

Training Seminars/Workshops

  • Writing of Sunday School Teaching Manuals
  • Writing of TEE materials
  • Writing of histories of churches
  • Teaching Adult Sunday Schools
  • Teaching Children Sunday Schools
  • For Auxiliary leaders – e.g. Choir Directors, Youth leaders, Worship leaders, etc.
  • For Pastors’ wives

Expatriate Missionary Interaction

  •  Inviting Western missionaries to interact, lead seminars, preach, and worship with AICs.
  • Facilitating mission trips of students of some Western universities and colleges.
  • Evangelism and Church Planting
  • Film/Movie Ministry
  • Student Outreach in churches
  • Educational trip for students to visit AIC ‘holy’ villages and towns

Guidance/Counseling Ministry

  • Meeting with AIC leaders, person-to-person
  • Settling parochial disputes
  • Faculty serving on ecumenical AIC associations, e.g. Council for African Instituted Churches (CAIC)
  • Organization of African Instituted Churches (OAIC)

Bridge Building/Ecumenical Ministry

  • Connecting AICs to non-AICs
  • Attending Ecumenical Conferences
  • Inviting non-AICs to lead AIC seminars, retreats.
  • Facilitating exchange of pulpits.
  • Inter-AICs Bible quizzes
  • Inter-AICs sporting activities
  • Inter-AICs singing competitions
  • Inter-AICs music festivals.


  • Writing biographies of eminent AIC leaders
  • Publishing AIC Journal of Theology
  • Writing articles/books on AICs
  • Requiring graduating students to write histories of AICs,
  • Requiring graduating students to write contextual theologies that are
  • Biblical and relevant to African Christianity

Film Outreach Ministries

The Seminary, in collaboration with the EWI, shows evangelistic movies to Churches that request. An altar call is usually made after the film show. Those who respond to the altar call are given to the church that requested for the film show for discipleship and assimilation.


Skills Development Centres